Monday, June 13, 2022

New Paintings

 I'm painting again...yay!  I recently joined an online art club with an artist who paints in a "wonky" style which she describes as beautifully imperfect. She asks that we don't share her style or sell any paintings we do from her lessons.  The paintings I'll be posting here are my own, and some painted on black canvas with Liquitex acrylic paint. The black background makes the colors POP!

"Valley Sun"
5 x 7 black wood panel done 
in acrylics w/palette knife.

"Blue Cat"
8 x 8 abstract on blue canvas
done in the leftover acrylics 
from "Valley Sun"

"The Old Red Fence"
11 x 14 black wood panel 
 done in acrylics w/palette knife.

"Hidden Village"
8 x 10 abstract on white canvas
done in leftover acrylics from
 "The Old Red Fence."

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Monday, January 31, 2022



I did a little art/craft project for our neighbors who are helping us this winter with snow removal and grocery shopping.  This is a print I found that is the spitting image of their, "Jasmine," a kitty that used to hang and run with, "Tabby Cat," a stray I fed for 4 years.  They are now both in spirit and hope they are having fun together, still. <3 <3  I painted the background with palette knife and attached the print and covered with Mod Podge.  Hope they like it!  :) 

It was enjoyable and I think I'll print out images of my pets now in spirit and do the same...I will need an entire gallery to hang them all.  :) 

Thursday, December 23, 2021

New Writing/Art Project - "Eternal Life" and "Lava Flow"


~ Lava Flow ~
3"x4" acrylic on canvas
"Eternal Life" 
I am writing a page a day that, so far, is titled, Eternal Life. I will continue writing every day and paint when moved by Spirit. 

I started a new writing and art project 4 days ago writing a page a day and painting mini-paintings. This is the first one. I have thinking to do how to present both writing and art but know it will become what it is meant to be. I let this painting evolve how Spirit moved me and then saw what it was in the end. Art doesn't always have to look like something nor make sense to those who see it. Some will "get it." 
I'll post as I paint.