Monday, April 19, 2021

"Sunshine Wind"

 I have been writing and painting most of my life. I have had this idea for a long time and finally started yesterday painting using symbols from my poetry, lyrics, journal writings, etc. I used symbols from, "Sunshine Wind," a few lines here:

"My heart lies on a rainbow

Above a river of gold,

Leading to a place behind the sun

Where young never turns old."

(copyright by Nancy Shewchuk)

"Sunshine Wind"

The entire poem can be read on my website:

Click on the "Automatic Writing" category and then on the "Misc." link.

My plan is to keep painting using symbols from my writings and turn them into a book.

This is an 8x10 in acrylics done with palette knife.

Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Nancy Shewchuk - Art Prints on Imagekind

 Some of my art is still available for "print-on-demand" on as the links still work. Just type Nancy Shewchuk in search box.

Some examples below.

Clown with a Blue Nose

Mexican Spiral

Born of White Light

Clouds Under the Sun

My art is available to view on my website
Click on Spirit Art and if you would like to read what each painting has to say about the essence of its own image, click to read. 

If you have a painting and would like me to see what message I receive from its essence, please read under Art Speak.
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