Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Oils by Nancy

In case anyone would like to see my "Old Art" on my "Oils by Nancy" website, go to:
Getting people to look at my websites is difficult, so I gave up and now the art strings are tugging at me again and so I am starting to paint anew and will post here on Blogger.
I wrote messages from my paintings' spiritual essence as I have practiced "free-flowing writing" for decades! Click on any painting under "Spirit Art" and its written message will appear for your reading pleasure.
Maybe my purpose is to "give" and not "sell" to make money.  Why do I think that?  Because I don't work hard enough and market my name and my art the way you have to to get known and your work "out there."  In my younger years I sold a painting here and there at fairs - that was before the internet.
I had art and gift shops for years but live in the wrong place for sales.  Now I'm at home and do not sit behind tables at fairs...too bad people have to drag their wares around and "go to the people" because they don't come to you!  So online, it is. I have to at least get a paypal account if I want to have a chance at selling.  Then I have to be prepared with boxes for shipping.  Still work to do before I am ready for my "Grand Opening" - my "Grand Return" - that sounds so funny, but true. 
~ Red Eye ~
I may offer this 12 x 12 for sale - oil on canvas.
There are several on my Oils by Nancy website I might put up for sale...if there is interest. If anyone is interested, most likely in the USA only, email me with your questions for consideration.

If you like to read, I have a beautiful website loaded with my writings - poetry, inspirational, automatic writing and song lyrics. Also, go to the "Cosmic Mirror" - click on any star to receive a message meant just for you! (I wrote them all through my free-flowing writing) and listen to Chloe from Celtic Woman sing a beautiful song, as animals and the earth lay close to my heart.  Enjoy!

Monday, November 11, 2019

Nancy & Dolly

Nancy & Dolly
So, this is our self-portrait from behind!  :)
This is a 5 x 7 watercolor on paper I did on the first page of a new journal. It is not for sale but I wanted to post a little introduction as my first post on my new art blog, Paintings by Nancy. Check back to view new art for sale. I paint in different mediums, but acrylic is my favorite to work with.